moving surface

International Video Art Project // 11 - 27 May 2012, Künstlerforum Bonn

plug_in presents the international video exhibition "moving surface". Nine artists engage with the theme of surfaces – the surfaces of stories, pictures, shapes – and with the question of when and how the levels of meaning and indeterminacies hidden behind them find their way to the surface. The exhibition can be seen from 11th to 27th May 2012 in the Künstlerforum Bonn. The opening will be addressed by Martin Schumacher, head of cultural affairs for the City of Bonn, and by Elke Kania, art and film historian at the University of Cologne.

Surface is movement. The speed and degree of movements range from the seemingly stationary or the fixed form through to the most rapid stretching and break-up of a surface structure. Surfaces are so diverse in their form and character, as are the bodies they limit, hold and surround. The points at which they open, dissolve, break or disappear then offer us a glimpse of the hidden, a chance to discover other facets of an object, a look behind the scenes, or allow something unfamiliar and unexpected to shine through.

The exhibition project "moving surface" is dedicated to questions of how long the surface tension of a story, of a picture or of a form will be maintained. How thin is the surface of society and civilisation? When do the hidden levels of meaning and indeterminacies push to the surface? What paths do they take in breaking through? And what are the results of their movements?

Exploring these questions, the project draws our attention to moving projection screens that extract from this set of themes different dimensions and sound out their aesthetic form. And each installation arrives at its own surprising and unsettling realization. The results are as diverse as they are fascinating: in one, images are translated into something musical while, in another, digital sound tracks become visually perceptible structures; in one, the fluctuating quality of the video image is examined while, in another, the observers themselves becomes an active element in the work.

The exhibition shows works by Christoph Brech, Christine Camenisch/Johannes Vetsch, Christine de la Garenne, Bettina Grossenbacher, Naho Kawabe, Jan van der Ploeg, Monika Rechsteiner, Alexander Steig and Gabriel Studerus.

"moving surface" is presented by plug_in, an art platform run by the Bonn-based artists duo Christine Rühmann and Sjaak Beemsterboer. With plug_in they offer established and up-and-coming artists in the age of new media a space in which to present new approaches and forms of expression.

Rühmann and Beemsterboer came to the fore as the initiator of MOVING LOCATIONS e. V. They generated interest Germany-wide with their project "HB – Hotel Beethoven". Hotel Beethoven – an abandoned hotel in Bonn with long traditions – became the venue, shortly before its demolition, of an international art exhibition organised by the two artists under the title "fully booked".

moving surface
International Video Art Project
11 - 27 May 2012

With the kind support of:
Stiftung Kunst der Sparkasse in Bonn // Pro Helvetia Schweizer Kulturstiftung

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